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After numerous injuries and falling back into a steady fitness routine and healthy lifestyle, I rediscovered my love for fitness and became an ACE Certified Personal Trainer in 2012.

Since that time I have been working directly with individual clients and groups in a variety of training environments.  In 2014, I attained my Holistic Nutritionist Certification from AFPA.  This allows me to blend a nutritional coaching component with clients.  I believe and am passionate about the proper balance of physical activity, and healthy eating habits.

I became a certified Yoga Fitness instructor through AFPA in 2015.  I have seen amazing results in my own fitness with the addition of a Yoga practice and I want to share my love and knowledge of the practice with you.  I truly feel that is is possible to maintain your health via mind, body, and spirit with the right combination of physical movement, meditation, recovery, and nutrition.