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Peak Group Fitness Classes

Peak Sculpt:  This 60 minute class will concentrate on sculpting and toning the body.  We will do this by working each muscle group with a variety of targeted exercises.

Peak Plus:  This 60 minute class is a triple threat of cardio, strength, and core exercises designed to maximize your results. 

Peak Power:  This 60 minute class will blend cardio conditioning and plyometrics.  We will do this by incorporating exercises that get the heart rate up and by using powerful explosive moves.

Yoga HIIT:  This 60 minute class will allow us to explore Yoga asanas and breath work through High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).  Some of the HIIT formats we will explore are Tabata, AMRAPs, Ladders,  and combinations of reps with timed intervals, as well as other formatting​

NOTE: Here at Peak, we understand that not everyone is at the same fitness level and we encourage you to perform at a level that is safe and challenging for you.  If at any time during the workout you feel pain, stop and alert the instructor.  Please always ask for modifications as needed.

Peak Personal Training
The perfect option for those looking only for personal training sessions.  Peak Training sessions are 45 minutes.  Available in single or multiple session packages.  

Peak Personal Training and Nutrition
For those wanting more balance of physical and nutritional coaching, the Peak Training and Nutrition is for you.  Sessions contain 45 minutes of Peak Training and 15 minutes of nutrition guidance.  Available in single or multiple session packages